Have you ever felt frustrated because of the thinking or behavior of a colleague, a friend, or a family member?

Let’s explore this with an example.

“He does not value punctuality at all,” grumbled the manager.

“Why should he be bothered about what time I walk into the office? I sit till late in the office every day and complete all my work,” thought the exasperated team member.

Let’s look at one more example.

“She just does not realize how important it is to save money,” gasped the husband.

“I don’t want to keep hoarding money and sit on a pile of it when I am eight years old. What is the point of having money if you can’t even spend a small part of it?” exclaimed the wife.

You may notice that the perspectives of both parties are appropriate from their vantage point. However, people find it difficult to see things from the point of view of the other person. They latch on to their perspectives and try hard to convince the other person. This difference of thought leads to debates and then to arguments. Sometimes people go beyond this, to never speak to each other about it.

You can spend your entire life trying to win over people and make them see things from your point of view. But the hard truth is, every person is unique and different. Every person has his or her point of view. Sometimes they would align to yours, sometimes they wouldn’t. Accept that people may think differently than you do. Realizing this will save you a lot of heartburn. Try to understand their perspective and respect these differences. Work towards finding a middle ground.

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