Yugesh Mandvikar

Yugesh Mandvikar is a bestselling author and observer. He has been studying human behavior for almost two decades. Over the years, he has extensively coached and consulted individuals and teams on driving high performance and achieving breakthrough results.

An Engineer and MBA by qualification, his passion lies in serving people, helping them unlock their possibilities. His writing is a synthesis of themes around human development and draws from a diverse set of fields: Physics, Economics, Philosophy, Behavioral Science, Psychology, Neuroscience, History, and Theology, to name a few. As an ardent analogist, Yugesh enjoys connecting the dots between seemingly unrelated areas. Over the years, his work has been translated into multiple languages.

Apart from having managed portfolios across learning, leadership development, and organization development in global corporations, he has also taught organizational behavior in business schools. Fascinated by the unlimited human capacity, he is on a mission to help one million people achieve their full potential. In his free time, he loves to dabble in abstract art.